[Mauiusers] Could maui ignore the ppn in qsub

Gabe Turner gabe at msi.umn.edu
Thu Feb 10 11:00:42 MST 2005

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 06:30:48PM +0100, Bas van der Vlies wrote:
> Can we introduce a CONFIG parameter that ignores the ppn parameter for 
> torque/openpbs. So that:
> 	qsub -I -lnodes=1:ppn=2  -lwalltime=10:00:00 (example 1)
>         qsub -I -lnodes=1:ppn=1  -lwalltime=10:00:00 (example 2)
> Will both result in an request time for 10 hours and not for:
>   example 1 : 20 hours
>   example 2 : 10 hours
> With 'qstat -a' the requested time for both jobs are the same. But Maui 
> does an multiplication ( nodes * ppn * walltime )

Although I haven't looked closely at the documentation, the most recent
Maui/Moab newsletter outlined a new 'maleable jobs' feature in Moab that
may do what you want.  I guess someone from Cluster Resources would have to
comment on if that will some day be rolled into Maui (or if it even
supports maleable walltime).

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