[Mauiusers] Reservaion not revoked when job is finished

Robert LeBlanc leblanc at byu.edu
Wed Feb 9 10:38:45 MST 2005

Maui experts;
	I have a cluster that I am running SLURM and MAUI set-up with WIKI. I
find that when I submit a job to SLURM, resources are allocated and the
job runs. I've noticed that a reservation is created for the job. Now if
the job completes before the reservation is over, then the nodes are not
scheduled again until the reservation is over. SLURM correctly shows
that the nodes are open when the job is complete. Another thing that I
have found is that nodes (using diagnose -n) will not show idle even
after the reservation is cleared. I think that there may be a config
that I am missing to get the node information correctly. Maui is able to
tell when a node is down, I'm not sure why it can't always tell when the
job is over and the nodes are idle. When the reservation is over, it
correctly shows that there are 2:2 procs available, but it says that it
is running. I've looked through the docs and can't find the
option/solution to get this working correctly. Susanne Belle has been
very helpful to this point and I appreciate it.

Robert LeBlanc
BioAg Computer Support
Brigham Young University

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