[Mauiusers] problems and solutions with torque-1.2.0p0 and Solaris

Siegmar Gross Siegmar.Gross at informatik.fh-fulda.de
Wed Feb 9 10:04:24 MST 2005


I've downloaded torque-1.2.0p0.tar.gz and I tried to configure, make, and
install it on Solaris 9 sparc with the native Sun cc (Sun C 5.7 2005/01/07).
I used the following commands:

   setenv LDFLAGS "-lsocket -lnsl -lresolv"
   configure --prefix=/usr/local/torque \
     --enable-docs --enable-server --enable-mom --enable-clients \
     --enable-gui --set-cc=cc \
     --set-server-home=/var/spool/torque \
     --set-default-server=<server name> --with-scp \
     |& tee log.configure

Unfortunately "configure" didn't use LDFLAGS so that I had to edit a line
in the following Makefiles: src/scheduler.cc/Makefile, src/mom_rcp/Makefile,
and src/iff/Makefile

     LIBS = -ldl -lkvm -lelf
     LIBS = -ldl -lkvm -lelf -lsocket -lnsl -lresolv

Now I was able to make everything but couldn't install the package because
"buildutils/pbs_mkdirs" had been modified so that it shouldn't overwrite an
existing default server file. Unfortunately "test -e" isn't available for
"sh" in Solaris. Therefore I changed line 315 and 316 (if the file doesn't
exist it isn't necessary to remove it).

  # if [ ! -e $PBS_DEFAULT_FILE ]; then
  if [ ! -f $PBS_DEFAULT_FILE ]; then
      # rm -f $PBS_DEFAULT_FILE > /dev/null 2>&1

I would be grateful if somebody could fix these problems in the distribution.

Kind regards


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