[Mauiusers] Help with basic fairshare policy.

angelv at iac.es angelv at iac.es
Mon Feb 7 19:03:46 MST 2005

Hi all,

I've recently installed the Maui/Torque pair at a test cluster, and I'm almost
ready to go for the real cluster at our place, but after reading carefully the
Maui documentation, I still don't see how I could implement the following
policy at out institution.

Basically we have two groups of user, those belonging to group HIGH and those
belonging to group LOW. I want to make sure that users of group HIGH get 50%
usage of the cluster, and the rest of the time is equally divided amongst all
users (including those in the HIGH group).

Thus, for example, if user A (group HIGH) is the only one submitting jobs, he
should get 100%. If one user from group LOW is also submitting jobs, user A
should get 75% (his 50%, plus the other 50% divided equally). If there are four
users from group LOW submitting jobs, user A should get 60% and the four other
users each 10%.

Is it something like this possible?

Thanks a lot,
Angel de Vicente

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