[Mauiusers] jobs stuck in Q

Bruce Becker brucellino at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 07:12:50 MST 2005

Hi mauiusers

We have a small cluster of opterons clustered with OSCAR, running
scientific linux 4.2 x86_64. I am trying to run some simple jobs using
TORQUE + MAUI (standard OSCAR installation) which get put directly
into the Q state. If I force them to run with qrun, they get accepted,
but do not run automatically. I have tried looking through the
mauiusers list for similar symptoms, but have not found exactly the
same thing. So, I'm not really sure even how to diagnose the problem,
1) What information is needed to find out what's going on ?
2) Obviously, how can I sort this problem out ?


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