[Mauiusers] Plea for showq change to not show blocked jobs by default (or at least set by compile time option)

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Fri Dec 16 00:18:40 MST 2005

Hi all,

We're starting to have real problems where users are getting intimidated with 
the huge number of blocked jobs we get. They type showq and get pages and 
pages of blocked jobs scroll past and the information that is of interest to 
them is lost.

Now both myself and Brett tried to look at the code to figure out how we could 
persuade it to suppress listing those but couldn't make head nor tail of 
it. :-(

What we'd like is for it to say (to take our current situation as an example):

31 active jobs          178 of 178 processors in use by local jobs (100.00%)
                          89 of 89 nodes active      (100.00%)

803 blocked jobs  (do "showq -b" to see blocked jobs)

Total jobs:  887

Rather than the user loose that information with the listing of the 803 
blocked jobs.

I know you can do showq -r and showq -i, but with getting on for 450 different 
users from 7 universities, mostly not very techy and a lot whose English is 
not very good because they've come to study from overseas (which is no 
reflection on them, because they speak English far better than I can speak 
anything else, even my native Welsh) we would prefer to make the default 
behaviour non-threatening.

What are our chances ?

 Christopher Samuel - (03)9925 4751 - VPAC Deputy Systems Manager
 Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing http://www.vpac.org/
 Bldg 91, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South, VIC 3053, Australia

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