[Mauiusers] QFLAGS=USERESERVED:XXX not working?

Georg Hager georg.hager at rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Dec 13 08:53:45 MST 2005

Hi all,

this is related to my previous posting about FLAGS=IGNALL
not working in QOSCFG  (Maui 3.2.6-p13). I got the valuable
hint to use QFLAGS=IGNALL, which works fine. Led by this solution,
I did the following:

GROUPCFG[chem] QDEF=onlyres

With this I want to make sure that users of group 'chem' can only
access the nodes in reservation 'chem.0'.  There is an admin
reservation named 'chem.0' that is accessible to users of group 'chem'
(this has been checked).

After the change to maui.cfg, I restarted Maui. In maui.log, I see:

12/13 16:37:57 INFO:     QOS 'onlyres' flags set to 65536

whatever that means, it is the only reference to the 'onlyres' QOS
that appears in the log. diagnose -Q says:

Name                * Priority QTWeight QTTarget XFWeight XFTarget     QFlags   JobFlags Limits
onlyres                      0        0        0        0     0.00 USERESERVED     [NONE] [NONE]
  Groups:    chem

The ':chem.0' part seems to be ignored; consequently, jobs 
from group 'chem' are still scheduled to other accessible nodes,
but not exclusively to those in 'chem.0'. 

TIA for any hints,

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