[Mauiusers] Memory management problems with p13 and p14

Thomas Cataldo thomas.cataldo at aliacom.fr
Fri Aug 26 05:05:55 MDT 2005


We are setting up a torque maui cluster. In this process we experienced lots of
maui crashes with double free detected by glibc. We gave a try to your latest
snapshot this morning as it was supposed to fix some memory management issues.
Unfortunatly this version crashed too.

I tried to figure out if maui's problem where coming from maui source code, or
from our setup, so I did a short valgrind run. I cannot reproduce the crash on
my test setup, but some interesting things appeared :


  buf = getpwnam(Name);

=> buf is leaked.

Some other leaks/errors came out from valgrind.

So my question is : Should we investigate our (broken?) maui setup, or should we
contribute to fixing those memory errors in maui ?


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