[Mauiusers] No new Maui snapshots ?

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Wed Aug 24 10:52:44 MDT 2005


We have made available the newest Maui snapshot
(maui-3.2.6p14-snap.1124898680) at the usual download location. This
release fixes a SEGV found in August and eradicates all known memory

Several weeks ago we mentioned a memory leak caused by an explicitly
commented call to free() in MRsvDestroy(). We believe this was commented
out originally for a good reason. We were reluctant to re-include this
portion of code immediately, as doing so may cause adverse side-effects.
Tests in our labs, however, seem to indicate that when this free() is
enabled there are no observable side-effects. Consequently, we have
uncommented this free() which should eliminate this memory leak, but
keep an eye out for strange behavior.

You will also notice that this snapshot, and all subsequent snapshots,
will include better version information at runtime. In other words,
issuing a "maui --version" or "showq --version" will show not only the
major release version of the Maui executables, but also now includes the
snapshot version as well. This should help administrators and users know
at a glance the exact version of Maui they are using.

Let us know how this snapshot performs, especially with the memory leak

Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.
josh at clusterresources.com
Phone: (801) 798-7520

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