[Mauiusers] No new Maui snapshots ?

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Tue Aug 23 19:11:00 MDT 2005

Hi folks,

Back at the start of August I reported a SEGV in the current Maui snapshot
(1121876607) along with some memory leaks that were causing Maui to balloon
out causing problems (and a suspected system lock up) on a cluster I'm
helping some folks to build.

I got a great response over the next couple of days saying that the SEGV
had been fixed and that a couple of the small memory leaks had also been
corrected but that investigation was going on about a free() call that had
been removed without comment that was causing the largest leak.

Problem is that no new Maui snapshots have been pushed out since July,
so there is still no version with the SEGV fixed or the small leaks
also corrected to download onto this cluster!

Any chance of a new snapshot with these fixes appearing soon ?


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