[Mauiusers] Backfill and standing reservations

Mathieu OUDART Mathieu.Oudart at cnes.fr
Thu Aug 18 06:46:49 MDT 2005

Hi all,

On our Linux cluster running maui 3.2.6p13, I use standing reservations 
to dedicate some resources to a specific project.

It looks like :

SRCFG[1] NAME=project_foo HOSTLIST=node09,node10 PERIOD=INFINITY 

so "diagnose -r" says :

1.0.0                      User DEF    -4:45:13    INFINITY     
INFINITY    2    2 2000
    ACL: RES==1.0= CLASS==q_project_foo+
    CL:  RES==1.0
    Task Resources: PROCS: [ALL]
    Attributes (HostList='node09 node10')
    Active PH: 0.34/9506.88 (0.00%)
    SRAttributes (TaskCount: 0  StartTime: 00:00:00  EndTime: 
1:00:00:00  Days: ALL)

With that configuration, node09 and node10 are dedicated to the PBS 
queue "q_project_foo".

Inside that standing reservation, I would like to use "backfill" to 
optimize job executions.

Is it possible ?

Do I have to create a separate partition ?

Best regards.

Mathieu OUDART
OSIATIS, We build the run
pour le compte de DSI/EP/ST
Tel : (05612)73150

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