[Mauiusers] QOSFEATURES not working?

Marcin Mogielnicki mar_mog at o2.pl
Fri Apr 15 04:39:12 MDT 2005


I have a problem with forcing QOS'es to honour features requested. My 
config file looks this way:

CLASSCFG[cluster_1n_24h] QLIST=light QDEF=light
CLASSCFG[cluster_8n_24h] QLIST=bulk QDEF=bulk
CLASSCFG[test] QLIST=test QDEF=test
QOSFEATURES[light] batch
QOSFEATURES[bulk] batch
QOSFEATURES[test] test

NODECFG[nfaraway] FEATURES=test

Trying to say - for given class (which is transferred to maui as queue 
name from torque) use given QOS (light, bulk or test). It is done this 
way to restrict maximum number of processors available for given classes 
and thus to protect cluster from being flooded by small, long jobs 
blocking large ones for weeks - what is taking place right now. This 
part works. But one class - test - which consists of several nodes for 
job testing purposes, i.e.for  very short jobs. They should be not used 
by light and bulk QOSI have to restrict QOS'es for light and bulk to not 
run on that test nodes and test to not work on productive nodes. 
QOSFEATURES looks ideal for that. The manual is completely 
straightforward here - "specifies which node features must be present on 
resources allocated to jobs of the associated QOS", for example 
"QOSFEATURES[2] wide interactive - (jobs with a QOS value of  2 may only 
run on nodes with the feature 'wide' AND the feature 'interactive' 
set)". But it doesn't work for me. Jobs from any QOS can run on any node 
no matter what features is placed on the node.

diagnose -n reports proper features by the node. diagnose -Q shows 
MAXPROC, but there is no sign of any restriction by feature in its 
output. Everything is on maui 3.2.6p11.

Anyone being successful on turning QOSFEATURES restriction on?

    Marcin Mogielnicki, ICM, Poland

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