[Mauiusers] Urgent jobs

Torsten Wolf t.wolf at tu-bs.de
Tue Apr 5 15:48:49 MDT 2005

After even other applications crashed randomly, I have gained a little
more insight into this issue. The program crashing first checks for cpu
time limits via getrlimit(). So I entered ulimit -t as a normal user and
got 'unlimited'. But an ulimit -a in the job file gives almost randomly
the values 600, 28800 or 1209600. And these values match perfectly well
with the values shown by the crashing programs. So I edited ~/.profile,
checked for the PBS_ENVIRONMENT and tried to increase the limits. I also
edited /etc/profile.d/limits.sh and /etc/security/limits. Also a
prologue script would not work. Pushing beyond the hard limit(wherever
this is initially set) will almost certainly drive me crazy tonight. And
why does this problem arise when using maui?


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