[Mauiusers] Urgent jobs

Yaroslav Halchenko maui at onerussian.com
Mon Apr 4 10:12:26 MDT 2005

> Does this mean, that as long as there are no short jobs, the reserved
> processors would be idle? Alas, we have only 8 nodes with 2 processors
> each, and we need them all the time. In the Maui docs I found something
> about preemption policies. Would it work to run all normal jobs as
> preemptees and urgent jobs as preemptors? Does suspending or
> checkpointing the job work on Linux 2.4 and AMD Opteron cpus? Will

So if memory is not an issue (ie you don't have to free up memory used
by long processes for next short jobs to work), then simple preemption
via Suspend should be fine... I've beeng thinking to set it up for our
cluster for a while, so I could run some dummy jobs (like dnetc) in
spare time :)

Yaroslav Halchenko
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