[Mauiusers] Urgent jobs

Torsten Wolf t.wolf at tu-bs.de
Mon Apr 4 01:34:17 MDT 2005


thanks four your replies!

On Sa, 02 Apr 2005, David Jackson wrote:

>  Regarding the question, would there be the possibility of using
>TORQUE/OpenPBS's virtual processors ('np' attribute) to set the absolute
>maximum bound per node and use standing reservations to reserve a
>portion of these virtual processors for use only by 'special' jobs.  For

Does this mean, that as long as there are no short jobs, the reserved
processors would be idle? Alas, we have only 8 nodes with 2 processors
each, and we need them all the time. In the Maui docs I found something
about preemption policies. Would it work to run all normal jobs as
preemptees and urgent jobs as preemptors? Does suspending or
checkpointing the job work on Linux 2.4 and AMD Opteron cpus? Will
preemtion work for all jobs or are there restricions regarding the
applications run by the job script?

At the moment I have maui running in test mode in parallel to OpenPBS
default scheduler. This is a great feature!

Best wishes,

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