[Mauiusers] buffer overflow

Bobby Brown bobby.brown at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Sep 1 13:36:47 MDT 2004


I am experiencing a problem with the job buffer.  In the log file I see:

WARNING:   job buffer overflow (cannot add job '11513')
ERROR:     job buffer is full (ignoring job '11513.giles')

I looked in the source code and see where this is happening, but I 
cannot find where the value is being set.  I tried to increase MAX_MJOB 
and MMAX_JOB in the msched.h file with no success.  Currently, Maui will 
only support about 3800 jobs.  We have a user on our main cluster who 
needs to submit 120,000 jobs.  Once this buffer is hit jobs appear in 
Torque (qstat), but never show up in Maui due to the buffer overflow. 
Any ideas on how I can correct this?

Bobby Brown
Vanderbilt University
Academic Computing Center for Research and Education
bobby.brown at vanderbilt.edu

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