[Mauiusers] [RFE] send job class to AM

Wightman wightman at supercluster.org
Wed Sep 1 08:50:28 MDT 2004

UserI.c contains a function MUIJobDiagnose.  If you look in there you'll
see where it gets the information to print out which class a job belongs
to.  I believe that information stays the same until the job is
destroyed, so you should be able to access it the same way in MAM.c.

Hope that helps,

Cluster Resources, INC.

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 13:34, Garrick Staples wrote:
> I'd like to alter the charge rate in my AM (qbank) based on the job's PBS
> queue.  Qbank already uses a CLASS variable, but Maui just sends
> CLASS=[DEFAULT] (this is hardcoded at each withdrawal and reservation
> function).
> I was looking at struct mjob_t in msched.h, it doesn't appear that the class
> information is accessible.  If someone could give me a pointer on how I might
> propogate that information to the required functions in MAM.c, I'll gladly work
> on a patch.
> Thanks.
Cluster Resources, INC.

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