[Mauiusers] More than one FLAGS value in standing reservation

Martin Thompson martin.thompson at tonkaweb.net
Mon Oct 11 02:05:59 MDT 2004

I would like to use the following within a standing reservation


...but Maui doesn't like it when I specify more than one FLAGS value;
both values are just ignored completely.  If I specify either of
those values on their own then everything is fine.

Btw I'm using the most recent snapshot at the moment, but I think I
saw the same behaviour with patch 9.

At about line 1003 in MSR.c I added this extra little while loop
that I saw had also been used in the HostList part of the switch.

  case msraFlags:

    /* replace commas with spaces */
    while ((ptr = strchr(ValLine,',')) != NULL)
      *ptr = ' ';

    MUBMFromString(ValLine,MResFlags,(unsigned long *)&SR->Flags);

That seems to have fixed it, but was it the right thing to do?



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