[Mauiusers] PREEMPTEE/PREEMPTOR with qos

Maynard, Kenneth (GE Energy, Non GE) kenneth.maynard at ps.ge.com
Thu Nov 4 06:05:51 MST 2004

We have  Maui Scheduler version 3.2.6p6 with OpenPBS running on RH Linux
7.3. We are trying to set up a PREEMPTEE/PREEMPTOR schema with the following

The QOS's will be defined as 'low', 'med' and 'hi' based on relative
priorities. 'hi' will preempt 'low' and 'med', 'med' will preempt 'low'.
When we try and implement this we have 'low' set as PREEMPTEE, 'hi' as
PREEMPTOR and 'med' set as both PREEMPTEE and PREEMPTOR. We have not been
able to prevent the 'med' jobs from Preempting themselves once the
StartPriority of the idle jobs exceeds those of the running jobs. Everything
else works well, but without fixing this problem, our scheme is basically
useless and we would just resort to two QOS settings. Is there a way to do
this with the manipulation of other parameters?


Ken Maynard
HPC ASCEND Administrator - GE Energy
Logic Technology, Inc
518-385-0430   8*235-0430

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