[Mauiusers] Advanced Reservation

Nikolay Terziev terziev at par.univie.ac.at
Thu Dec 2 02:38:02 MST 2004

I am testing OpenPBS 2.3.16 with Maui 3.2.6p9 and have  problems with 
advanced reservation.

I make a reservation :

setres -g aurora2 -s 12:10:00 -e 12:30:00 TASKS==1
reservation created

reservation 'aurora2.0' created on 1 node (1 tasks)

Then i send two jobs :

qsub  -l nodes=1 -W x=FLAGS:ADVRES:aurora2.0 qsubScript
qsub  -l nodes=gsr101  qsubScript1

Until  12:10:00 checknode gsr101 shows that the first job is waiting  to 
stat, but infact the second job starts.
When i run only the first job then it starts, but  when i specify a 
walltime then it does not stat.
Some times even when i have a reservation some other jobs are running in 
this reservation.
Is it posibble that the maui.cfg file is not correct ?
What should i do in order to have a real reservation and only a 
specified job to use it ?

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