[Mauiusers] Changing the maximum number of jobs Maui can handle ?

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Thu Aug 19 01:11:48 MDT 2004


Hi folks,

I'm involved in looking after a cluster for some developers who have a habbit 
of submitting a lot of jobs (one user just submitted almost 10,000) and I've 
noticed that Maui (maui-3.2.6p9-snap.1091548659) only seems to keep track of 
the first 3,810.

I've set MAXIJOB to be 20,30 and that works nicely, so I wasn't thinking that 
was a problem until I tried to submit a small interactive job to test 
something and found that it wasn't getting picked up at all.

Looking at the Maui logs I see that Maui reads the queue fine until it fills 
some internal buffer and then discards the rest of the jobs in the queue, 

08/19 16:45:04 WARNING:  job buffer overflow (cannot add job '69059')
08/19 16:45:04 ERROR:    job buffer is full  (ignoring job '69059.XXXX')

for each job after that.

It's not terminal I guess because as the queue empties it'll pick these jobs 
up, but it is a pain as the usual MAXIJOB trick to stop folks from 
queue-stuffing doesn't work.

Looking at the MAUI source it appears this all comes down to the definitions 
in include/msched.h which say:

#define MAX_MJOB           4096
#define MMAX_JOB           4096

#define MAX_MJOB_TRACE     4096

I presume if I just tag a 0 on the end of these I'll be relatively safe 
(asides from the extra memory usage I guess) ?

What are the chances of making this a run-time configuration option ?  I guess 
it would be something you'd only be able to change at startup, rather than 
whilst the server was running..

All the best, and thanks for the great software..

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