Mike Smorul toaster at umiacs.umd.edu
Thu Aug 5 16:49:06 MDT 2004

  We're using OpenPBS w/ maui and trying to run only a single job/task 
on a node unless overridden by a user. PBS and maui both know that all 
nodes are duel processor. For example:

Requirements 'nodes=6:ppn=1' should allocate 6 nodes with only 1 task per 
node. Instead maui is allocating 3 nodes each with 2 tasks.

Requirements 'nodes=6:ppn=2' should allocate 6 nodes w/ 2 tasks per 
node. This works as expected.

It seems that setting NODEACCESSPOLICY to SINGLETASK should accomplish 
this, but it does not.

Any ideas?

-Mike Smorul
  UMIACS Staff

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