[gold-users] Root privileges in Gold system

Geoffrey Letessier geoffrey.letessier at ibpc.fr
Fri Oct 4 03:32:35 MDT 2013


In my new cluster (fresh install) i meet a trouble with Gold system concerning root privileges at the moment of job submission.
Indeed, when i try to submit my job, i can extract from maui.log these lines:

10/04 10:39:16 MSURecvPacket(9,BufP,243,NULL,15000000,SC)
10/04 10:39:16 WARNING:  request failed
10/04 10:39:16 ALERT:    request failed with status code 444 (root is not authorized to perform this function (Job Reserve))
10/04 10:39:16 MSUDisconnect(S)
10/04 10:39:16 ERROR:    cannot receive response from allocation-manager server 'torque1.cluster.lbt':7112
10/04 10:39:16 MSysRegEvent(FAILURE:  cannot receive response from allocation-manager server torque1.cluster.lbt:7112 (cmd: '<XML>')

and in goldd.log these lines:
2013-10-04 10:39:16.066 TRACE Gold::Cache::listUserRoles  invoked with arguments: (root)
2013-10-04 10:39:16.071 ERROR Gold::Exception::new  root is not authorized to perform this function (Job Reserve) at /usr/local/gold/lib/Gold/Proxy.pm line 1395
2013-10-04 10:39:16.073 ERROR main::__ANON__  Gold server error (444): root is not authorized to perform this function (Job Reserve).
2013-10-04 10:39:16.074 TRACE Gold::Response::failure  invoked with arguments: (444, root is not authorized to perform this function (Job Reserve))

But if i check root privileges on my current Gold settings, i found:
[gold at torque1 ~]$ goldsh RoleUser Query             
Role        Name 
----------- ---- 
Scheduler   root 
Anonymous   ANY  
SystemAdmin gold 
Scheduler   gold 
Scheduler   maui 
[gold at torque1 ~]$ goldsh RoleAction Query 
Role         Object         Name    Instance 
------------ -------------- ------- -------- 
SystemAdmin  ANY            ANY     ANY      
Anonymous    ANY            Query   ANY      
Anonymous    Password       ANY     SELF     
Anonymous    Account        Balance ANY      
ProjectAdmin Project        ANY     ADMIN    
UserServices Job            Refund  ANY      
UserServices User           ANY     ANY      
UserServices Machine        ANY     ANY      
UserServices Project        ANY     ANY      
UserServices ProjectUser    ANY     ANY      
UserServices ProjectMachine ANY     ANY      
Scheduler    Job            Charge  ANY      
Scheduler    Job            Quote   ANY      
Scheduler    Job            Reserve ANY      
Scheduler    Reservation    Delete  ANY      
OVERRIDE     Account        Balance ANY      
Scheduler    Job            Create  ANY      

So, if i well understand, the user root is supposed to belong to the Scheduler role and Scheduler role is able to perform the function Job Reserve, isn't it?

Could someone help me to solve my issue?

Thanks in advance,
Geoffrey Letessier
Responsable informatique
UPR 9080 - CNRS - Laboratoire de Biochimie Théorique
Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique
13, rue Pierre et Marie Curie - 75005 Paris
Tel: 01 58 41 50 93 - eMail: geoffrey.letessier at ibpc.fr

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