[gold-users] single job makes multiple reservations of funds and does not release

akshar bhosale akshar.bhosale at gmail.com
Tue May 21 07:29:37 MDT 2013


We have gold version integrated wih maui version  3.2.6p21 and
torque version 2.5.8 on the RHEL 5.2 server. Sometimes it is observed that
a particular job tries to make multiple attempts for execution but does not
execute and hence reserves multiple times the cpu time in the gold for each
attempt the job makes for execution. When we explicitly do glsres -p
<project name> where project name is the project under which perticular job
was fired, then we see multiple attempts done for the same job. then we
need to execute grmres -r <reservation id> to release  the cpu time
reserved for the same job multiple times.

How to get rid of this in case of gold.?

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