[gold-users] MAM ChargeRate configuration?

Andrew Ring apring at umn.edu
Thu Mar 28 09:08:13 MDT 2013


This is a questions about MAM (Moab Account Manager) aka gold2, so I 
hope it is cool to post here.

For "ChargeRates" I have a VBR rate for Processors that works well.  I 
want to add a multiplier based on the machine name.  I have tried a NBM 
(Name Based Multiplier) for the listed machine name, but I am doing 
something wrong.

Below are my current charges.
Name 		Value 	Type 	Rate 		Description
Processors 		VBR 	0.000277778 	
			Convert MAM charge rate into our charge rate
base 	  		NBM 	0.285714286 	
					Multiplier for using Calhoun
cascade 		NBM 	0.66666667 	
					Multiplier for using Cascade
node1081 		NBM 	0.66666667 	
					Multiplier for using Itasca

A quick guide on finding valid entries for the "Name" and "Value" 
entries would be great, as trail and error is time consuming.

Thank you,

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