[gold-users] gdeposit ignores "-d description" flag; patch included

Michael Sternberg sternberg at anl.gov
Mon Mar 11 14:24:28 MDT 2013

Dear Scott, Gold users,

I noticed that gdeposit under Gold- ignores the "-d description" flag for new allocations. I recently decided to use this option to flag the nature of deposits over the lifetime of an account but got stumped. A description could have been applied later using gchalloc, but that's inconvenient because the AllocId would have to be captured from gdeposit.

It appears that in fact all current and earlier versions of Gold-2.1 and 2.2 ignored this flag. It is, however, documented in the gdeposit man page and usage text:

       -d description
           reason for the deposit

The appended patch has fixed this for me. goldd must be restarted after applying the patch.

The "Description" option is correctly carried from the gdeposit command through most of the internal machinery but had not been passed on to Gold::Request::new(), where the final request was built in the case of "An Allocation does not exist (or a credit limit was specified)". The patch fixes that.

With best regards,

--- /home/share/soft/adaptive/gold/gold-	2012-01-06 17:55:39.000000000 -0600
+++ lib/Gold/Bank.pm	2013-03-11 14:50:59.425751591 -0500
@@ -4646,6 +4646,7 @@
       || 2147483647;                                                 # infinity
     my $type      = $request->getOptionValue("CallType")  || "Normal";
     my $ancestors = $request->getOptionValue("Ancestors") || "";
+    my $description = $request->getOptionValue("Description");
     my @options   = $request->getOptions();
     my $depositSum         = 0;
     my $now                = time;
@@ -4951,6 +4952,10 @@
                     new Gold::Assignment(
                         name  => "Active",
                         value => $activeness
+                    ),
+                    new Gold::Assignment(
+                        name  => "Description",
+                        value => $description

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