[gold-users] job cgarges per queue ChargeRate

Eva Hocks hocks at sdsc.edu
Tue Jul 2 15:26:31 MDT 2013

It seems the charges for jobs running in a queue with Rate=0

gold> ChargeRate Query
Type Name       Instance Rate       Description
---- ---------- -------- ---------- -----------
NBM  QueueName  glean    0
VBR  Processors          0.00027777

and even though maui confirms the Charge=0

2013-07-02 11:08:34.406 DEBUG Gold::Database::logTransaction  SQL
Update: INSERT INTO g_transaction (g_object,g_action,g_actor,g_name,g_count,g_details,g_creation_time,g_modification_time,g_request_id,g_transaction_id,g_id)
VALUES ('Job','Modify','gold','64642',1,'WallDuration=600,QualityOfService=low,Machine=TSCC,User=hocks,Stage=Reserve,Queue=glean,CallType=Normal,

the ItemizedCharges do not include the ChargeRate{NBM} thus the job gets

ItemizedCharges:=( ( ( 256 [Processors] * 0.00027777 [ChargeRate{VBR}{Processors}] ) ) * 251 [WallDuration] ) = 18

Does anybody have a solution to get the correct Charge=0 processed for
the job?


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