[gold-users] After importing Account and Fund information, all jobs have insufficient funds

Andrew Ring aring at umn.edu
Thu Aug 15 15:32:47 MDT 2013


I am transitioning my group from an in-house HPC accounting system into 
the Moab Accounting Manager.  In my early testing I created Accounts and 
Funds via the GUI and things mostly worked for the three Moab servers 
that are feeding information in (all users used one Account and Fund). 
All Moab servers are set to not block jobs based on MAM results.

As we have a large number of users, group and credits to move, I have 
written a few bash/awk scripts to do the importing.  Unfortunately, 
every job submission results in a message (from mdiag -R) of:
   Thu Aug 15 15:46:01  joballocreserve  'server rejected request with 
status code 740 - Insufficient funds: There are no valid allocations 
against which to issue the charge (Instance 1015625)'

Reading through the log files, no feasible funds are being found. 
Running glsfund -u $username returns 4 possible funds, running it with 
“--filter-type Exclusive” returns nothing.

I found an error where my generated accounts were not enabled.  I have 
enabled all of the Accounts via other means.

I am running MAM-7.2.1 and Moab 7.2.1.

My import scripts:
#Note: these are first pass scripts. I am not attempting to represent 
them as quality.

#Add Accounts to MAM based on Group Names in LDAP
getent group > groups.priv
cat groups.priv | awk 'BEGIN {FS = ":" } ; { if (length($4) != 0 ) {
  system("gchaccount -a " $1 " --add-user " $4) } }'


#Add Users from each group into MAM Accounts
getent passwd > passwd.priv

#Make parings of group name then user name
join -t : -1 3 -2 4 <(sort -t: -k 3 groups.priv | grep -v
"gauss\|vglusers\|charmm\|root\|daemon\|wheel") <( sort -t: -k 4
passwd.priv | grep -v "/dev/null") | cut -d ":" -f 2,5 |  grep -v
"nobody\|sshd\|postfix" > test.priv

#import into MAM Accounts
# $1 is the group name
# $2 is the unix user name
cat test.priv | awk 'BEGIN {FS = ":" } ; { if (length($2) != 0 ) {
system("gchaccount -a " $1 " --add-user " $2) } }'


#setup the credits for each group by using the deposit command and 
depending on it to properly create the funds
# Each line of pi-su.txt contains only a group name and a number.
#  $1 is the group name
#  $2 is the number of current credits
[moab at gold2 ~]$ cat pi-su.txt | awk '{ system("/opt/mam/bin/gdeposit -e 
2014-01-01 -g " $1 " -a " $1 " -z " $2 " --create-fund True" ) }'

1. What is preventing funds from showing up for the users' jobs?
1. Is there a better way to import lots of Account information?
2. I do not believe job information is being captured at this point.  Is 
there a way to capture it?
3. Is there a central location for finding ALL MAM errors?

Thank you,

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