[gold-users] glsjob/gstatementa does not show all job data

Eva Hocks hocks at sdsc.edu
Fri Apr 12 13:37:30 MDT 2013

gstatement -p xxx or glsjob -p xxx reporting user charges from -infinity
to now for a project that's running since 2010 with many jobs shows only
a fraction of the total jobs ending in 2010-12. The gstatement output
shows exactly 10000 job charges.

It does show a complete list for smaller projects. And it does show the
charges for 2013 via
gstatement -p xxx -s 2013-01-01

Is there a limit in either perl or gold to prevent more than 10000 jobs
charges being displayed?

Gold version
maui version 3.2.6p21
perl v5.8.8
CentOS 5.4


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