[gold-users] illegal character were found in currency.precision

Renita Leung renita at ca.ibm.com
Mon Jun 18 21:10:04 MDT 2012

Resending to the group..

From:   Renita Leung/Ontario/IBM
To:     gold-users at supercluster.org
Date:   06/18/2012 06:50 PM
Subject:        illegal character were found in currency.precision

Hello group,

I was hoping someone would be able to help me out.
A colleague that is not longer with the company had installed GOLD2.2 and 
I managed to successfully submitting to GOLD last week by setting 
currency.precision=0 in goldd.conf  when I got the error message:

        Illegal characters were found in $currency_precision ()

When I came back to this install today, I had the same error so I 
uncommented out the same line in gold.conf also but it didn't help at all:

[gold at goldmaster etc]$ grep currency *

[gold at goldmaster sbin]$ ./goldd -k
Killing goldd Pid (5906)
[gold at goldmaster sbin]$ ./goldd -s
[gold at goldmaster sbin]$ Starting Gold Pid (6572)

[gold at goldmaster sbin]$ ../bin/gquote -u "rleung" -p "pA" -m "goldmaster" 
-P 1 -t 240 --verbose
Illegal characters were found in $currency_precision ()

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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