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Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Jun 6 15:45:58 MDT 2012


We've just released a new fix release of Gold version

It addresses a couple of issues that may impact you.

1)  Replaced die statements in goldd with logwarn and logdie. Accept will
no longer die on error.

At a couple of sites, goldd was dying intermittently. We tracked this down
to the fact that the server calls a die statement if it receives an
unexpected signal from the accept call. The modification allows the daemon
to stay up and just logs the failure to STDERR and to the log. Other
similar die statements were modified to just warn or to at least log to the

2)  Fix Allocation Refresh to not bounce around activating and deactivating
allocations that start or end on the current second.

When an account operation was called at the exact second that an allocation
became active or expired, it could result in bouncing between the active
and inactive state. This would result in multiple activations and/or
deactivations for the same allocation at that instant.

You can download the new release from

Similar changes have been made to Moab Accounting Manager and will be
available in mam-7.0.2.tar.gz and mam-7.1.0.tar.gz when released.


Scott Jackson
Adaptive Computing
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