[gold-users] gold problem

GPL liuguiping_monitor at 163.com
Wed Dec 26 01:25:42 MST 2012


My Cluster has installed the LSF 8.3 ,i want to integrated with gold ,the user gold is gold administrator,and run command
[test at mgmt ~]$ glsuser
Name  Active CommonName PhoneNumber  EmailAddress   DefaultProject Description     
----- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------- -------------- ----------------
chess True   chess      010-88015015 lgp at seis.ac.cn                                
gold  True                                                         Gold Admin      
root  True                                                         Gold Admin      
test  True   test       010-88015015 lgp at seis.ac.cn                test for cluster

when i try to run command

[test at mgmt 1nodetest]$ gquote
test is not authorized to perform this function (Job Quote)

Can you help me?

Email:liuguiping_monitor at 163.com
单位:中国地震局地震预测研究所 计算与网络中心
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