[gold-users] Changing the name of a project

Craig West cwest at vpac.org
Thu Sep 22 00:23:53 MDT 2011

We have a project that got called the wrong name and we want to change 
it. This is not do-able directly in either the command line or the web 
GUI for gold.

I see the project name is the Primary key. Just wondering if there is 
any way to change the project name? I could do a search and replace on 
the DB for the project name, but given the complexity of the DB I'm not 
sure how safe or sane this option is.

I can ensure that the project is not running jobs during any DB changes 
I attempt.

Any thoughts or suggestions from people out there?

What I am aiming to do is migrate the usage and history of the wrongly 
named project to the correctly named project... quite happy to delete 
the bad project and move the records if this is an option.


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Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
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