[gold-users] Gold Allocation Manager doesn't run after Jobs completed

Phan Toai Tuyn pttuyn at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 00:49:33 MST 2011

Dear All,

This is the first time we deploy a cluster, so we don't have much 
experience. We, first and simultaneously, install Rocks 5.4 and Torque 
5.4 on head node. We create a mini cluster (in laboratory) with 02 
compute nodes. With mini cluster, we can submit job, and it run on 
compute nodes. Then, we install and configure Gold (we chose 
PostgreSQL database). Although we can successful implement all commands 
in Gold User's Guide (and via web-base manager tool), but when we submit 
a job and it run completely, we don't see anything that been changed in 
Job, Account, Charge, etc...

There are something we can not understand, example: the user that we use 
"gmkuser" command doesn't exist in Cluster system, and vice versa, the 
user we use "useradd" command doesn't exist in Gold. Is this difference 
the main reason that make "we don't see anything that been changed in 
Job, Account, Charge, etc..."

Please help me. We hope with your help, we can use Gold Allocation 
Manager to manage our resources better.

Thanks and regards

Phan Toai Tuyn

Institute for Computational Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.
IT group

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