[gold-users] Question on the g_transaction_log table.

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Thu May 26 10:43:49 MDT 2011


Well, the reason is that the database subroutines which checkpoint to the log are update, delete and undelete. And since these calls are never normally performed against the transaction object, no entries ever go into the transaction log.

However, your question has caused me to wonder if it is a mistake that insert is not checkpointing to the journal. I will have to examine this and also evaluate the impact to performance if we were to checkpoint all transaction inserts. I think we would probably want to exclude the transaction log from insert checkpoints anyhow.

Thanks for bringing this up. I will try to examine this in the last phase of the next gen Gold development actions.


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> Scott,
> I notice in both of our testing installations of Gold, that
> the
> g_transaction_log table is empty while the g_transaction table has
> many
> entries. Is the g_transaction_log table not being used by the
> software,
> and is just there to conform with the basic set up of the other Gold
> tables always having a log table associated?
> Thanks,
> -Ingmar Thompson NCAR
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