[gold-users] question on the G_QUOTATION table in Gold.

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
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Quotation Uses is the number of times a quote can be used before it is invalidated. By default, this is one. However, it is possible to create a quote that may be used, say, 10 times.

The trouble with this is it does not distinguish whether it is being decremented by the same or multiple jobs. Also, it decrements each time it is used, so if you are doing incremental charges, but you don't know how many charges will ultimately occur, the guaranteed quote does not work very well. There is no way to tie it to a specific job. Also, I discovered that it also takes the 1 use during the reservation, leaving the quote invalid during the charge phase.

Currently (in Gold 2.2), the gquote command does not provide a way to set or interact with the Uses property. It can be manipulated via the goldsh interface or via the API. If you wanted to make it bigger for a certain quote, you would pretty much have to do a Quotation Modify after creating it.

In a future version of Gold, the concept of Uses is going away. It is being replaced by a Quote Pinned boolean. A quote will be able to be created as pinned (tied to a specified job), or unpinned (able to be used by any job). There will be no limit to the number of times a quote can be used before it expires. The default is for it to be tied to a single job which would then allow any number of incremental charges from that job to use it. If a pinned quote is not tied to a job when created, it will be tied to the first job that claims it.

I hope this helps,


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> Hello Scott,
> I notice there is an attribute called G_USES in the G_QUOTATION and
> the
> G_QUOTATION_LOG TABLE. The value for this field defaults to defaults
> to
> 1. I have searched through the code base, but this has not really
> given
> me any clues as to the meaning or use of the attribute. Scott, could
> you please let me know?
> Thanks,
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