[gold-users] Can gchres modify a reservation's credits amount?

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Mar 30 09:54:20 MDT 2011

Wei Lin,

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> Subject: Can gchres modify a reservation's credits amount?
> Hi, Scott:
> Thanks your help before.
> Another question:
> It seems gchres cannot modify a reservation's credits amount, is it
> right?

That is correct.

The only method you might have to do that in 2.2 would be to use the low level goldsh prompt to directly modify the ReservationAllocation values:

gold> ReservationAllocation Modify Reservation==2 Id==20 Amount=100
Reservation Id Account Amount 
----------- -- ------- ------ 
2           20 3          100 
Successfully modified 1 ReservationAllocations

> Question background:
> RMS can modify a dispatched(running) job's run limit, e.g. "bmod of
> LSF", so I try to modify the reservation amount in Gold side at the
> same time.
> I check the user guide, but it seems gchres cannot get above target.
> So I have "grmres then greserve again" for the RMS's job modification.

A future version of Gold will have a greserve --modify option that will allow you to modify an existing reservation with new allocations, etc.

I may eventually backport this to Gold 2.2 as well.

> Thanks
> Wei Lin
> 2011-3-30


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