[gold-users] Is it necessary to do both gquote and greserve at job submit time when integrating resource manage system?

Wei Lin weilin at platform.com
Mon Mar 21 21:32:13 MDT 2011

The proposed integration will do a job quote at job submission time, a job reservation at job start time, and a job charge when the job completes. 
After reading the Gold User Guide, I think this would leave open the possibility of a user submitting more jobs than he/she can afford, and then having the job fail at job start time.

My scenario.

A user has 1000 credits (whatever they are called). The user submits 2 jobs immediately one after the other. Each job gets a quote saying they will spend 600 credits. The next scheduling cycle LSF dispatches the two job. The 2nd one will fail because there aren't enough credits in the bank.

I am just going by what the Gold user guide says which in places isn't a lot. I don't think obtaining a quote changes one's balance, but a reservation does. If I'm right getting a quote and reserving may need to be done together at submission time.

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