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Wei Lin weilin at platform.com
Fri Mar 18 15:48:41 MDT 2011

When submit a job setting with non-existing project in gold, gquote command in script will fail and then block the submit command of resource manage system. 
Greserve/gcharge won't face such problems after the error input at submit time has been filtered. 
Am I right? 

For example: 
[@amd64dcore conf]$ glsproject
Name                  Active Users  Machines     Description
--------------------- ------ ------ ------------ -----------
lsf_amd64dcore_weilin True   weilin iquadcore-01
lsf_gold              True          iquadcore-01
lsf_p1                True   weilin amd64dcore
lsf_test              True                       LSF TEST
[@amd64dcore conf]$ bsub -P non_existing_project -n 2 -W 10 sleep 1000
Quote command: /opt/gold/bin/gquote -u weilin -p "non_existing_project" -m amd64dcore -P 2 -t 600 --verbose --quiet
Quote response: Project non_existing_project does not exist

Quote failed: Project non_existing_project does not exist
Request aborted by esub. Job not submitted.  

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主题: [gold-users] Getting Project metadata into Gold

I have Gold up and running, and there are users and jobs and
transactions, etc.  However, the real problem we hope to solve with Gold
is to track usage at the project level.  

No meaningful project metadata comes into Gold from Moab, because the
users don't input anything project-specific when they call 'qsub' on the
command line.  While you can export PBS environment variables in your
script, I don't see one of those variables for, or relating to,

So there's two challenges:  1) how to get the users to input project
names when they submit a job; 2) how to validate the project names to
prevent someone from inputting nonsense, or nonexistent projects, or a
misspelled project name.  We may also face a user education issue....

I can imagine some scenario where the qsub binary is renamed, and called
from a script named 'qsub'.....where the script does some validation?

However, I thought I would write and see how the community has addressed
these points (since I am very new at this!)



P.S. -- Thank you, Scott, for your helpful responses to this list!

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