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Crusan, Steve scrusan at UR.Rochester.edu
Tue Mar 15 10:02:50 MDT 2011

I don't think this can be supported natively, but you can modify some of the goldd.conf settings to automatically create user accounts if they do not exist within gold. 

so basically if a user has login to your server via pam_ldap, their account can be created automatically when a job function is encountered:

What we did was just import all of the users in our ldap ou into gold, and then just added some gold commands into our 'useradd' command. that approached seemed to work well for us. We don't use the web interface for our users, and we don't supply them all of the gold commands, so passwords and such for gold accounts really don't matter.

as for using ldap + web interface/etc for passwords, that would require some work on some of the gold perl modules.

Steve Crusan
System Administrator
Center for Research Computing

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Forgive me, as I am rather new to gold and I'm just setting it up for
the first time.  I am wondering if there is a way to use LDAP
authentication natively with gold, rather than manually creating
accounts in the database.  Is this even desirable from the project's
point of view?



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