[gold-users] how to run prelogue and epilogue as non-root user

Vaishu .... vaishalidolas at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 00:28:08 MST 2011

By default In LSF platform, the pre- and post-execution commands are run
under the same user ID, environment, and home and working directories as the
batch job. *
*So we have set sticky on gold command to run it as goldUsers after job is
*But in case of torgue prelogue and epilogue are running in context of
root.This might be a silly question but "Is it requires to set sticky bit in
this scenario also?"*
*In torgue all commands are running as root user but we want it should not
run as root user because of security policy we want gold commands should be
executed as separate user say goldUser.*
*How can we do that? Is there any way to set it run gold command as non-root
user in torgue?

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             Vaishali Dolas
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