[gold-users] problem in creating gold Organization

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Thu Jan 27 11:55:22 MST 2011

Hello Vaishu, 

I think vaibhav was assuming you were running from within the goldsh command. 

For example, 

scottmo at mana:/software/gold-2.2$ goldsh 
gold> Organization Create Name="Test User 1" 
Successfully created 1 Organization 
gold> q 

If you want to run from the shell, you have to put two layers of quotes around the command since the shell itself will strip off one of the layers when it processes the command. 

scottmo at mana:/software/gold-2.2$ goldsh Organization Create Name="'Test User 2'" 
Successfully created 1 Organization 

(This is single quotes on the inside, and double quotes on the outside. The reverse should work as well). 



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Hi vaibhav, 
Thanks for reply. 
i have tried option given by you as put it in single quote. 
But its not working 

[root at n0 bin]# goldsh Organization Create Name='Test' 
Successfully created 1 Organization 
[root at n0 bin]# goldsh Organization Create Name='Test User' 
An operator was expected (). 
[root at n0 bin]# goldsh Organization Create Name="Test User" 
An operator was expected (). 

Please suggest me workaround for command. 

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 3:33 PM, Vaishu .... < vaishalidolas at gmail.com > wrote: 

We i'll try to fire following command goldsh Organization Create Name= Test User 
It is giving me error message. 
Is it issue with space i have added in between 2 words? Because if i'll give Organization name as Test_User then it is getting created. 


Best Regards, 
Vaishali Dolas 


Best Regards, 
Vaishali Dolas 

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