[gold-users] Same gold database and Multiple Server

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Dec 19 09:22:25 MST 2011

Yes, you can do that. This is according to design. There should not be any inconsistency since Gold uses transactions. Make sure if you are running mysql that it is using a Transaction-enabled engine such as InnoDB. Postgres enables transactions by default. There should be no problem with the transaction id for the same reason. 


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> Subject: [gold-users] Same gold database and Multiple Server

> Hi

> I have two different clusters. Both is running gold as accounting
> software with two different gold database and gold server.
> Now I want a centralized database for Gold. Is it possible for me to
> shift database to a central server and have two gold servers (goldd)
> updating the same database. I need to know whether will there be any
> inconsistency in the data uploaded by different servers on the same
> database.
> I could find out a g_transaction_id in the database, which increments
> on each update. Will this id get mismatch or duplicated if two gold
> servers update on the same database. Any help is much appreciated.

> Regards

> Dheeraj KV

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