[gold-users] Correcting gbalance output after wrong allocation deletion

Eirik Thorsnes eirik.thorsnes at uni.no
Thu Dec 1 05:58:16 MST 2011

Hello all,

What is the best way to correct the gbalance output after an allocation 
was wrongly deleted (and replaced)?

1. Needed to change several currently valid and active allocations (both 
increasing and decreasing values).

2. The allocations where deleted with grmalloc and new correct 
allocations created for the same accounts using gdeposit.

3. The result (perhaps unsurprisingly after the fact) is that the 
columns in gbalance on the now valid and active allocations are not 
reflecting the usage that was made on the previous (deleted) allocations.

How can we correct this in the "Gold way"?

Our current Gold version is

Best regards,
Eirik Thorsnes
Group Leader at Parallab, Uni Computing
Høyteknologisenteret, Thormøhlensgate 55, N-5008 Bergen, Norway
tel: (+47) 555 84153  fax: (+47) 555 84295

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