[gold-users] Creating a Gold Custom Object

Ho, Quang quang.ho at hp.com
Tue Aug 16 00:18:52 MDT 2011

I tried to create a custom object as below via goldsh

Object Create Name=TestSchedule Description="Test Schedule"
Attribute Create Object =TestSchedule Name=TestDate DataType=TimeStamp
Attribute Create Object =TestSchedule Name=TestDescription DataType=String

Action  Create Object=TestSchedule Name=Create Display=True Description Create
Action  Create Object=TestSchedule Name=Query Display=True Description Query

When I tried to populate data into it,
TestSchedule Create TestDate=2011-01-01 TestDescription=Testing

It came back with:
TestDate  TestDescription
-----------  -------------------
2011        Testing
Successfully created 1 TestSchedule

The problem is it does not record a full date in database, it only stores the year in the TestDate field.

To check the usage

<Request action="Create">
    [<Set name="TestDate" [op="Assign (Assign)"]>YYYY-MM-DD[ hh:mm:ss]|-infinity|infinity|now</Set>]
    [<Option name="ShowHidden">True|False (False)</Option>]
    [<Option name="ShowUsage">True|False (False)</Option>]

Not sure what I did wrong.
Thanks in advance.

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