[gold-users] Create a custom string attribute with fixed size.

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Gold defines only a few simple datatypes such as Integer, String, TimeStamp, etc. It does not provide a means to specify the string size (the size of 1024 is set in configure.ac). If this is crucial to you, you would have to either create it manually in the database (which would require a strong knowledge of Gold internals) or perhaps you could do an alter table to change the datatype if your database permits it (more likely you would create a new column of the desired size, do some renames, data copying and deleting). 

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I am a new Gold user. 

I tried to create a custom attribute for a string size 255. 

When I used the following command in the gold shell. It created a column in the table with varchar(1024). 

Goldsh Attribute Create Object=Test Name=EmailAddress DataType=String 

What is the extra parameter for the command to create the attribute with size 255 chars ? 

Thanks in advance. 

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