[gold-users] gcharge run time or cpu time?

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Apr 11 12:24:16 MDT 2011

Wei Lin,

Customers almost always charge for the job's run time times resources used (like cores), not cputime. Most of them want to charge for the resources blocked/dedicated by the job, not on how efficiently they may have used the resources. 

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> Subject: gcharge run time or cpu time?
> Hi, Scott:
> Did customers normal gcharge a job's run time or cpu time in GOLD?
> For example: a job just only does "sleep 100", so its cpu time almost
> is zero, but run time is 100 seconds.
> Other situation that run time != cpu time, is the process is sleeping
> and waiting for I/O finish.
> Thanks
> Wei Lin

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