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Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
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I would bet that the problem has more to do with the way the Account was created than the Project.

First of all, MEMBERS should not be in the Project User list. This does not mean anything here. The list of users in the project are the very definition of MEMBERS, which can be used in the AccountProject field for the associated accounts.

I notice that user10 does not have a default project. It kind of sounded like you wanted him to.

I also see that there is a space between MEMBERS,user1 and the user10 in the glsproject. This suggest either user10 was inputted somehow with a space in front of its name (could it have been quoted with an additional space?), or it was inputted as a machine member and not a user member, or it is a transcription/cut-paste error in the email. If it is one of the first two, you probably will get undesired behavior.

Can you do glsaccount -p oprezhdo_group  so we can see how the accounts' AccountUsers are defined?



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Default projects for users Hi All, 

Having some strange occurances with new users I add to systems. I have setup a fallback account called ‘reserve’ in gold. Each user that I add to the system is given a default project group. When I list the user, it shows the default group properly: 

$ glsuser -u user10 
Name Active CommonName PhoneNumber EmailAddress DefaultProject Description 
------- ------ ---------- ----------- ------------ -------------- ------------ 
user10 True bme_group User Account 

Now, if I list the project, the user is also there: 
[scrusan_admin at gold netbackup]$ glsproject -p oprezhdo_group 
Name Active Users Machines Description 
-------------- ------ -------------------------------------- -------- --------------------------------------------- 
bme_group True MEMBERS,user1, user10 cluster Project/account for bme_group LDAP group 

Whenever I run a job (We don’t have our users run use the –A pbs directive), the user’s job is always charged to the fallback account (reserve). Other users that I have created in the past via a large import script correctly use their default project, and not the ‘fallback’ account. 

Anyone have similar problems? This is only seeming to happen with newer accounts. My thinking is that these new users aren’t ‘proper’ members of the respective projects, which then map to the accounts themselves, but that does seem to be the case, at least from the commands I’ve run. That would explain the behavior, because if I try to use the –A flag from a job submission for a group I am not a part of, I get the fallback account... 

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