[gold-users] Default projects for users

Steve Crusan scrusan at ur.rochester.edu
Wed Sep 22 12:26:56 MDT 2010

Hi All,

    Having some strange occurances with new users I add to systems. I have
setup a fallback account called Œreserve¹ in gold. Each user that I add to
the system is given a default project group. When I list the user, it shows
the default group properly:

$ glsuser -u user10
Name    Active CommonName PhoneNumber EmailAddress DefaultProject
------- ------ ---------- ----------- ------------ --------------
user10 True                                       bme_group User Account

Now, if I list the project, the user is also there:
[scrusan_admin at gold netbackup]$ glsproject -p oprezhdo_group
Name           Active Users                                  Machines
-------------- ------ -------------------------------------- --------
bme_group True   MEMBERS,user1,user10 cluster Project/account for bme_group
LDAP group 

Whenever I run a job (We don¹t have our users run use the ­A pbs directive),
the user¹s job is always charged to the fallback account (reserve). Other
users that I have created in the past via a large import script correctly
use their default project, and not the Œfallback¹ account.

Anyone have similar problems? This is only seeming to happen with newer
accounts. My thinking is that these new users aren¹t Œproper¹ members of the
respective projects, which then map to the accounts themselves, but that
does seem to be the case, at least from the commands I¹ve run. That would
explain the behavior, because if I try to use the ­A flag from a job
submission for a group I am not a part of, I get the fallback account...

Steve Crusan
System Administrator
Center for Research Computing
University of Rochester

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