[gold-users] Can Gold be told not to make a reservation for a job without sufficient quota ?

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Wed Oct 27 23:00:48 MDT 2010

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On 28/10/10 04:33, Scott Jackson wrote:

> Chris,

Hi Scott,

> I did an investigation into the problem I had encountered earlier
> and now I recall what it was. I am assuming you are using the
> MySQL database because this is where I encountered my problems.

We are indeed.

> I discovered that the default MySQL storage engine (MyISAM) can
> only manage non-transaction tables. I changed my storage engine
> to InnoDB and that corrected the lack of transaction-safe tables.

Ahh, and the SQL script that comes with Gold doesn't set the table
type to InnoDB!

> I don't know if it is a run time or a creation time thing.

It'll be creation time.

> Since you have an already existing system, I have not researched
> what you would need to do. You may be able to do an ALTER TABLE
> to change the storage engine on all of your tables.

You can do an ALTER TABLE live to change the storage engine from
MyISAM to InnoDB live I believe.

> At a maximum, you could start it up with the new flag and recreate
> your tables from a dump.

Yeah, though be hard to find a window where jobs weren't finishing
and trying to write their charges back..

> I hope this is getting close to helping.

It is indeed, thanks so much!

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